Sipila Consulting is a boutique consultancy firm that is focused not just on strategy but on actionable strategy. The company was established for the passion of growth and for the love of marketing by Maria Sipilä, former Nokia executive and a startup coach. Sipila Consulting helps your company or organization to build global brands in the world of new kinds of marketing where collaborations and agile marketing tools are used. We work directly with your brand or between you and your agency bringing clarity, value and visual attractiveness for your customers in the complex world of marketing. We love to work with new concepts and innovations that need to be launched to the world but have experience in established business as well. Our broad network especially in the Helsinki capital region, London, New York, San Francisco area, Germany, India, APAC markets and Japan makes it possible for your brand to get a quick start and build international collaborations. Whether you would like to conduct a market study, are launching a new brand or need strategic marketing advice for established brands, Sipila Consulting can help you. Maria is not working alone because Sipila Consulting uses subcontractors as needed and works with the best partners. Sipila Consulting provides personal and confidential professional services for all kinds of companies small and large as well as private and public organizations including NGO's, municipalities and schools. 



Here some of Maria's clients and partners. The list of clients



"Maria gave us new perspectives and ideas on how to approach a foreign market together with a market study. We got brand new contacts and valuable information and advice regarding possible market entry. I enjoyed very much working with Maria during our project!" -Jaana Komscha-Härkönen, CEO Breaks Finland

"Maria brought all her experience and new kind of dynamics to our brand. She is specialized in international challenges in go-to-market and we got very concrete examples on how to improve our international presence. Also her feminine view on our products and brand as well as her human attitude was a huge plus in this business oriented world."  -Founder Kate Hulkkonen, YO ZEN  

"Our co-operation was really smooth! We finally got focus to our brand strategy in a very short time. Suggestions were very concrete and we got excellent ideas for implementation. Big thank's to Maria!"  - CEO, Maria Laaksonen Pumpa Upcycle
"I have received useful advice for brand building and really enjoyed getting outside perspective for our brand. Maria is easily approachable and from the start it felt like I have known her for a long time! You can trust her expertise." - Founder Henriikka Leppänen, Kerafiikka
"Excellent study trip content which was up to date and covered all aspects of social and health reform. Innovation day was the cherry on top!" -Participant Executive MBA Health and Social Services, The University of Tampere (Sipila Consulting arranged the study trip program in London which ALL participants would recommend when they were asked)

"The organizer has a very good social network and this really showed in our program -the end result was just awesome!" -Participant Executive MBA Health and Social Services, The University of Tampere 

“We were very pleased with the program and enjoyed the skills and determination of the Imperial College Business School students working with us. The report made by the group of seven students will be used in the company’s future operations. The report states new ways and strategies how Happy-Or-Not might be able to expand to British markets” – VP Sales and Marketing Ville Levaniemi, Co-Founder HappOrNot 





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