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BRAND STRATEGY for global markets

Our strategic marketing services typically cover following situations (we work together with your team):

  • Innovation commercialization for academic institutions and corporate ventures

  • Product launches, go-to-market strategy

  • Brand architecture strategy and synergies between functions for brand consistency

  • Brand adjustments to international markets including UK, Germany, US, Japan

  • Brand positioning analysis

  • Brand collaborations planning 

  • Brand renewals


See also International Growth. Be free to ask more








"Our co-operation was really smooth! We finally got focus to our brand strategy in a very short time. Suggestions were very concrete and we got excellent ideas for implementation. Big thanks to Maria!"   

"I warmly recommend Maria's brand training to others" -Eventium Brand training participant

"Very knowledgeable trainer and a very good package on brand development and on how to sharpen your brand" -Eventium Brand training participant.


"I have received useful advice for brand building and really enjoyed getting outside perspective for our brand. Maria is easily approachable and from the start it felt like I have known her for a long time! You can trust her expertise."   

"Maria helped to realize the strengths of the brand as well as areas for development and where to focus. I got very concrete tips and advice and it feels now our brand is ready for international markets. Additionally Maria is very warm and easily approachable. Someone with whom you would have pleasure to work with." 


"Maria brought all her experience and new kind of dynamics to our brand. She is specialized in international challenges in go-to-market and we got very concrete examples on how to improve our international presence. Also her feminine view on our products and brand as well as her human attitude was a huge plus in this business oriented world."  


"Maria has a very professional view on global brands and I got a lot of insight for brand development including direct feedback on areas of improvement and concrete suggestions on how to improve. I felt that our co-operation was very rewarding. "  

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