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Sipila Consulting brings 21st-century skills to schools. We think that experimental learning, individual assessments, and strength-based coaching are the keys to future life and careers. We have brought entrepreneurial thinking to a school environment and ways to close the gap between high school and life after high school. Check out our start-up coaches   


We are also specialized in Finnish education principles including well-being and stress-free learning for children. We believe in a fun and playful approach in preparing children for future life. Our online course includes a basic introduction to Finnish education including fundamentals of stress-free learning. Ask more about the course from Our network consists of EdTech companies, highly respected Finnish educational specialists as well as Finnish education export companies able to provide you exactly the right kind of solutions for your needs. 

Due to Covid-19, all our education services are now offered remotely.


Sipila Consulting works closely with the NGO's, city governments, education leaders, individual teachers and principals to integrate Finnish educational activities to schools. We provide you new innovative ideas and adapt to your education system. 

"Maria has been able to bring new kind of thinking to our education reform and bring this thinking directly to action. We have now very successfully implemented entrepreneurial activities, branding, and working life connections to the high school environment thank's to Maria's planning and inspiring execution skills. She can make things happen and her positive can-do attitude makes her truly pleasant to work with." - Head of Education, Sari Aarniokoski, City of Kauniainen
"GraniWorks is an amazing entrepreneurial program for high school students. I wish all the high schools had this kind of a program." -Former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, Peter Vesterbacka
"Thank's to Sipila Consulting we got lots of new ideas to establish the new brand and marketing for our student company GraniWorks. Before Sipila Consulting's involvement, we didn't really have a clear idea for the brand and marketing. We got to understand our student company's strengths and how to use those in marketing. The best part of the whole project was that Maria was able to listen to our opinions and ideas. The student company GraniWorks was developed really using a student-driven approach and Maria helped to make this happen. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and all that needs to be taken into account to differentiate from the crowd. These things you don't learn in normal school classes so I am really grateful that I got to be involved in this!" -Student Board Member GraniWorks, Pauliina Salmi
Pictures: (c) Sipila Consulting
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