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it often makes sense to use external expertise to complement in-house innovation. In addition to technical skills, you would need commercial expertise including an understanding of world class brand building and strategic understanding on how to get your innovation out to the world. Whether you have a new service concept, a prototype, a demo or just drawings of an idea we can engage your teams and bring new fresh ideas on how to get it to the market. Sipila Consulting uses external partners as needed.

Maria Sipila, CEO of Sipila Consulting has experience in  go-to-market in a large and mid-size company as well as the startup environment . She has extensive experience from virtual teams in different time zones and has led very demanding global projects like commercialization (university), new product launches, digital campaigns, competitor intelligence, and consumer research. Read Maria's blog about go-to-market

Sipila Consulting Go-To-Market services in a nutshell:

  • Product Launch Strategy including value proposition

  • Commercialization plans

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Customer focused operation mode 

  • Pitching to investors

  • Funding rounds

Check out also our brand strategy and international growth offering!



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