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London is the major financial hub in Europe and a stepping stone for the global market. Sipila Consulting helps you to realize all the potential London has to offer for your business. The company's extensive networks and high level partners enable you to sharpen up your brand strategy locally or globally. See more at brand strategy. We also utilize the broad network and work together with London's top universities if you are interested in conducting a market entry study. Some customer comments you can find here. Maria advises in building high-level study trips in London's vibrant tech, venture capital, design, education and health community. More about the visits: 

We have a partnership with one of Germany's top universities based in Berlin to conduct market studies if your company is planning expansion in the German market.

San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and New York City offer opportunities to get your business to the next level. Sipila Consulting works with local partners to help your brand be valid in these markets. We also conduct market studies in the US.

Sipila Consulting is well connected in APAC area, including Japan. Our latest addition includes India where we offer bilateral trade opportunities. In Japan we are working with a retail partner in the areas of jewelry, food and cosmetics.


Additionally, we help foreign companies with the market entry studies in Finland.

Sipila Consulting International Growth Services in a nutshell:

  • Brand for international markets coaching (Finland, UK, Germany, Japan, US)

  • Market entry strategy

  • Market and commercial studies (Finland, UK, Germany, US)

  • Agent for the Finnish jewelry, home design, food and cosmetics (Japan)


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